Home Entertainment Marothi and Rachel are finally getting married on Skeem Saam

Marothi and Rachel are finally getting married on Skeem Saam

Marothi and Rachel

From love potions to suspected murder, Skeem Saam’s Rachel and Marothi’s relationship has had more issues than a magazine subscription, but it looks like the couple will actually end up getting married.

Who can forget the determination in Rachel’s eye as she got a love potion for Marothi or the tears as he proposed to her. What about the anger when she confronted malume about his dodgy dealings?

Marothi skeem Saam

Fans never thought this “match made in hell” would make it to the altar, but now it seems they have put that all behind them as they prepare for the big wedding later this week.

The wedding will take place on Wednesday evening.
Fans are gearing up for drama and are concerned about what will unfold on the big day.


This isn’t The Queen, so death isn’t guaranteed, but Marothi’s arrest could still very much be on the cards.



That or Rachel could run for the hills.

Or maybe Drogon, that dragon in Game of Thrones, could come and make it lit.

Either way, fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation.



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