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Has Hlomla Dandala already moved on?

Hlomla Dandala

After his extremely public meltdown on Friday, it appears as if the broken-hearted Hlomla Dandala may have already moved on with his life after watching his marriage fall apart.

For those who missed the drama, local actor, Hlomla Dandala sent shockwaves across the entire country when he publicly shamed his wife, Brenda, for allegedly cheating on him with a gentleman we only know to be nicknamed “Chiskop”.

Hlomla Dandala

Hlomla dragged them both for having an affair during and after their marriage, if its sympathy he was looking for, Twitter didn’t offer it.

So instead, he went looking for it somewhere else and it looks as if the actor, who stars on The River, found it in the arms (and indeed the bosom) of another woman. A video posted on his Instagram (and quickly deleted afterwards) showed Hlomla getting very cosy with a young lady who was not his wife, prompting many to suggest that he had already moved on.

Take a look at the video for yourself below:



Judging by the replies to this video on Twitter, many people were unimpressed and seemed to be of the belief that Brenda had done the right thing by leaving the “childish” actor:

Meanwhile, new details from his and Brenda’s fallout have emerged online and seem to suggest that the former lovers actually split up some time ago.

In fact, someone who appears to be privy to the story suggested that they actually got divorced last year and that Brenda met Chiskop soon afterwards.

If this is true then Hlomla really has no defence for his actions. The actor might have been “hurt” by what he found out was going on between his ex-wife and Chiskop, but taking to social media to humiliate and shame her is a low crime in its own right.

Do you think Hlomla can ever recover from this?

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