Hair tips from Jeannie D and Minki van der Westhuizen

Your hair is your crown they say, a good day begins with great hair they say – but they never really say what you are supposed to do when it hasn’t been a good hair day or even a good hair life.
Minki van der Westhuizen and Jeannie D are arguably two of South Africa’s original hair influencers, having been chosen as the faces of Garnier Nutrisse 10 years ago. They’ve both been chosen by Garnier again to be the faces of their Nutrisse creme range.

Minki Van der Westthuizen

Minki and Jeannie have some tricks up their sleeves to keep their hair photo ready. And luckily for us, they’re willing to share…

Gym hair is not the end of the world
Going to the gym in the morning is a part of many women’s daily routines. What we just can’t get used to is how going to the gym can affect your hair. Whether your curls lose their bounce or the sweat in your hair is just unbearable, dry shampoo is a must-have in your gym bag.

There is no second thought, both Minki and Jeanie swear by using dry shampoo
You absolutely need to have dry shampoo, it won’t style your hair, but it does refresh it, then you can pull it into a cute pony-tail or if you have short hair, just shake it out, “says Minki.

Jeannie agrees that held at a distance (about 30cm) from your head, dry shampoo is the ultimate gym hair buster.

“I also have a trick I call the sausage,” says Jeannie with a giggle. “You just twist your hair into a sausage shape and tie in place before your work out and when you’re done and undo your sausage your hair should hopefully hold onto to a bit of a curl or shape,” she says.

Hairy optical illusions
From the looks of Jeannie and Minki, you would never imagine that they’ve found their hair to be less voluminous than they like, but even they sometimes have flat days. Some women are blessed with bounteous full hair, but the rest of us have to make it look as if we do.

“There is nothing wrong with hair extensions – you just decide on how you’ll be wearing your hair then strategically clip them in place,” says Jeannie D, confessing that even with her naturally thick hair, she sometimes kicks it up a notch with extensions.

Jeannie D

Minki – who finds hair extensions uncomfortable – says a well-layered hair cut is her secret. “Going short can change how you see your hair completely. Your hair could look thin when you grow it out long, but with the right haircut and layering you can create the perfect optical illusion,” says Minki.

Good hair doesn’t happen overnight
Sure, getting the right conditioner and a great haircut can change how your hair looks, but healthy hair is about more than just appearance.

“I don’t style my hair every day. How my hair feels and the actual condition of my hair is more important to me than how it looks,” says Jeannie.

Jeannie swears by doing weekly treatments on her hair which involve conditioning and hair masks to keep it soft, shiny and healthy. Her routine, of course, is completed by minimal styling, heat and manipulation and a great hair stylist.

Minki agrees, “The secret to great hair is a stylist who isn’t just great with hair but great with your hair specifically. I only consider a blonde stylist, they have experience handling their own blonde hair daily which is a plus when it comes to gaining my trust. Once you find a good stylist, you stick to them like glue, “she says.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Regardless of what you do or don’t do, sometimes your hair just isn’t perfect and that is okay. Jeannie admits her hair isn’t always picture perfect, even when she is in front of the camera.

“I have a stylist I know and trust, but I rarely have my hair styled on set and when I travel stylists are often very expensive. When I can’t get my hair styled, all I worry about is if it’s healthy, and then I just throw it in a ponytail,” she adds.

Minki, now sporting a stylish layered bob, says she doesn’t sweat the small stuff either. “Growing out your dye job isn’t a big deal, it’s actually more like a whole new hairstyle. Just think of it as a great ombre look, even the Kardashians are rocking it” she laughs.

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