The TikTok concealer hacks everyone is talking about

Concealer hacks are blowing up TikTok, promising to erase dark circles and never crease. Here’s a roundup of the top trending concealer hacks. If you ever need to hide dark circles under your eyes or want to give your eyes a bit of a lift, the ‘triangle’ concealer hack is just what you need.

It’s the concealer and powder trick that, according to Glamour UK, even erases creases. The latest viral TikTok trend to hit social media is about creating the perfect, super-smooth concealer finish that won’t clump up, even after a few hours.

The ‘triangle’ concealer hack has been searched 3.3 billion times on TikTok. And has been tried and tested by some of the industry’s well-known makeup artists.

TikTok creator @lenkalul recently shared her tutorial for the look. Start by drawing small triangles at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Next, draw a triangle next to the bottom of your lower lip line.

The third triangle starts at the edge of your nose, moving towards your cheek. She also adds concealer to the top of her eyes. Makeup artist Vincent Ford, known for his backstage concealer tricks on TikTok, shared a now viral video showing how to get rid of those pesky dark circles under your eyes.

He says to always use two shades of concealer – one your perfect shade and one shade lighter. Then use a colour corrector to correct any pigmentation or greyness under the eyes.

“If you have deeper skin, try a red concealer. It works better,” Ford explains. If you struggle with a concealer that creases, the makeup artist advises using a tissue to remove any excess oil and product. Add a bit of powder on top of the tissue to set the concealer.

For mature skin, Ford says to add a bit of hydration primer into the concealer to add a bit of moisture.

To apply concealer, the makeup artist says to smile before adding concealer to the inner corners of the eyes.

Source: Vogue