How crossbody bag conquered the world

We’ve had the Fendi baguette and Bottega Veneta’s pouch – but this season’s it-bag comes from the high street rather than a designer store. Retailing for £14.90, a banana shaped bag dubbed “the round mini” has become Uniqlo’s bestselling bag of all time, selling out seven times in the last 18 months.

The little handbag, its shape in particular, is by this point instantly recognizable to almost anyone, including the most aesthetically disinterested casual shopper: modestly rectangular and adorned with an adjustable strap, the baguette is designed to be tucked neatly under one’s arm as she darts in and out of foot traffic on her way to someplace fabulous.

Over the years, the bag has been endlessly marketed in a range of different fabrics: canvas, leather, and shimmering sequins have all been applied to the brilliantly simple template, enhancing the idea that this is a bag for everyone

Source: theguardian

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Madison De La Garza


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