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EFF believes no party will have majority win in KZN

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it believes that no political party will win KwaZulu-Natal with an outright majority. Upscaling efforts ahead of the 29 May polls, the party has taken its election campaign to areas in northern KwaZulu-Natal. These have been African National Congress (ANC) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) strongholds.

With less than a month until the general elections, party campaigns throughout the country are intensifying. This week, several political parties, including the EFF, took their election campaigns to the highly contested KwaZulu-Natal province.

“In 2019 remember that we grew from 80 000 votes to over 300 000 votes. In this province, nobody expected that. We are visible in eThekwini, in the hostel where normally it was a no-go area, it was the territory of the IFP and the ANC. But as we speak today, the EFF was accepted. They are receiving our message. The manifesto of the EFF it’s clear, it’s about commitment than of empty promises,” says EFF’s Secretary- General Marshall Dlamini.

He says the party is working to ensure that no party wins KwaZulu-Natal with an outright majority.

“I can tell you now for a fact that even if EFF can stop campaigning today, no one is going to win this province. We have gathered enough ground of support to ensure that we are also going to be part of government. There is no one who is going to win this province. But we have to put in more work on the ground which is why we are crisscrossing the province. We are doing rallies and door-to-door. Residents from the area spoke out, appealing for change. A young man says he is concerned with the high crime rate in Mtubatuba.

“We have a high rate of crime, when we report to the police station we don’t get much assistance. We want change in this area so that everyone can be free. We also want to participate in the community building, maybe they can keep the youth busy with sports.”

Some of raised their concerns about the unemployment rate. “On the issue of employment, everyone must get the job they qualify for, it should not be about age and gender.” The EFF’s campaign in KwaZulu-Natal moves to the Glebelands Hostel in the Umlazi township of Durban.

Source: eNCA

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