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Actor Malope le Roux survives hail of bullets – Pictures

Malope le Roux

Actor and presenter Malope le Roux is happy to be alive. He and his family came under a hail of bullets during an attempted hijacking. The former Rivoningo presenter said he was driving in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, on 30 December when the incident happened.

Malope le Roux

He told Daily Sun they’d just picked up their kids from their aunt and were heading home when they saw men in an Audi wearing bandanas around their necks.

Malope said: “My wife said there was something off about them, but I made fun of the situation, telling her they looked cool.”

Malope le Roux

He said the car drove past theirs and started overtaking other cars.

“They stopped in front of a car in a driveway. They jumped out of their car with their bandanas now covering their faces and started shooting at the car.


“The driver of the car tried to escape but ran into our car on my wife’s side.

“They continued shooting and the bullets were coming at us.”

Malope said all he could think about was keeping his family safe.

Malope le Roux survives hail of bullets

“All I remember doing was putting my hand on my wife’s head.

“She was carrying my daughter. Our nanny was carrying my son at the back.

“It was scary. The car that was being targeted managed to move but the hijackers followed and kept shooting.

“The hijackers drove off after failing to get whatever it was they wanted.”
Malope said he was grateful to God that none of his loved ones got shot.

Malope le Roux survives hail of bullets

“We almost didn’t make it to 2020.

“We’re fine physically but not emotionally.

“My wife’s scared of driving and gets jumpy whenever she sees an Audi.”

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Source: Daily Sun