Simz Ngema makes a promise to herself: I’ll make your dreams come true

Local actress Simz Ngema isn’t going to wait for a good year to be handed to her on a platter – She will be making her own dreams come true this time around – Simz made a promise to herself and sealed it with a gorgeous ring.

Simz Ngema

When Simz Ngema lost Dumi Masilela, she lost her soulmate and lifeline. Dumi passed away after a botched hijacking in 2017 and his wife was left alone. She had a difficult time dealing with her loss but never allowed it to steal the light out of her eyes.

Simz Ngema

Simz admitted that she hit rock bottom after his death and while she did him proud by keeping his music alive, it wasn’t easy. There’s a reason why Simz is seen as one of the bravest young women in the entertainment industry – she’s dealt with her loss with dignity. Now, the young woman has made a promise to herself that would make Dumi proud.

Simz Ngema


Simz shared a photo of a gorgeous ring with a caption in which she vowed to make her dreams come true this year. “In 2017 my life turned upside down, 2018 I was on survival mode, 2019 I went on a journey to find myself, get back on my feet and remember my passions and dreams. 2020 is about living my dreams and buying all the things I worked so damn hard for. With this ring I promise to love you and make all your dreams come true Quing Simz.

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