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Gugu Gumede’s message to women about men: Video

Gugu Gumede

Gugu Gumede’s message to women about men: Video. he beautiful lady is not only an amazing actress, but she is also beautiful too… Mamlambo in Uzalo always rocks her outfits and oh boy she is sexxy too. Actress Gugu Gumede, the daughter of the NFP leader Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi, could not be more different than her character of Mamlambo on SABC 1’s most popular TV Uzalo.

You know someone is a great actress when you can’t recognize them in reality or should we credit the wardrobe person. Uzalo’s Mamlambo character is hilarious and sweet but the woman behind the character is all kinds of hot and sexxy.

She is one of the most popular actors on SABC 1’s most watched telenovela, Uzalo. She plays the character of MaMlambo, a  woman who is extremely controversial and a loyal Christian. She is one of those women who believe in empowering girl child and she has a message for all women in 2019. She is urging women to depend on anyone but themselves only. Check the video below…

She wrote: nothing irks me more than a woman who feels useless without a man; lose that this year. it’s okay for us to be high maintenance, but only if we can afford to maintain ourselves. with that being said, let’s go make this damn paper. 2019 is ours to take ladies!

Gugu Gumede

And her fans were so happy and they left positive comments for her:

Gugu Gumede

Thank you so much sisi. I keep trying to drum this notion in ladies. A man should be a partner in life, not your sole existence. A clever woman seeks ways to bring the other half not depend on the bread that her man brings. Put simply two loaves are better than half a loaf. Do not be fooled by the media portraying rich men and trophy wives who stay at home.

Gugu GumedeThe clever African sister grabs any money making opportunities with both hands and actively contributes to the family income. How will our sisters learn to manage the wealth in the event of business growth or sudden death? Wake up my sisters and stop this laziness.