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All government ministers get free DStv subscriptions

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The South African government has released a new ministerial handbook for all “members of the executive”.

The new “Guide for Members of the Executive” took effect in June 2019, and lists all the benefits government ministers receive as part of their employment package. Ministerial benefits include everything from free travel and accommodation, to support staff and services.

In the tech space, the following benefits stand out:

Rentals for cellular telephones, as well as the costs of official calls, are covered.
The installation and maintenance of fax, Internet/Wi-Fi, and DSTV facilities for official use at official residences are covered.
Computer equipment for use by the member are payable by the relevant department.
Domestic services and cars
Ministers are also covered when it comes to “domestic services”, according to the guide.

“The department responsible for Public Works will be responsible for the cost for all cleaning materials, equipment, and chemicals,” it states.

“The costs of employing one domestic worker, per official residence, shall be borne by the relevant department. The domestic worker will be appointed by the relevant department in terms of the legislation applicable to employees of the public service and perform such duties as contained in the relevant job description.

Motor vehicles are another perk, and all ministers are provided with one vehicle for official use. Departments can then replace the vehicle once it has reached 120,000km or is 5 years old.


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