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Two left critical, multiple others injured in Barry Hertzog crash

Barry Hertzog crash

At 06H56 Thursday morning Netcare 911 responded to reports of collision on Barry Hertzog Avenue near The Braids in Greenside Johannesburg.

Reports from the scene indicate that a mini-bus taxi and two cars were involved in a collision.

Paramedics assessed the scene and found that at least fifteen people sustained injuries randing from minor to serious.

Barry Hertzog crash

An adult female believed to be in her early thirties required Advanced Life Support intervention to stabilise her as she was ejected from the car as it rolled.

Another patient from the mini-bus taxi had also sustained serious traumatic injuries when the taxi rolling.

Barry Hertzog crash

All the patients were treated on scene and once stabilised were transported by various ambulance services to hospital for further treatment.

Barry Hertzog crash

All necessary authorities were on scene to investigate.

Shawn Herbst
Media Liaison Officer
Netcare Limited
Netcare 911

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