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Moshe Ndiki healing in Durban with Somizi after ex-boyfriend Phelo Bala finds new lover

Today is Vusi Nova’s birthday and the talented singer decided to spend the day in Durban to celebrate, with his usual BFF, Somizi shared a video yesterday that he would be spending the day with him. The two clearly enjoy each others company and aren’t afraid to show it.

Moshe Ndiki and Somizi

SomGaGa even Tweeted his excitement, that he will be spending time with Vusi Nova while the two were travelling in a car.

“Got back in jozi and immediately hit the road with my bestie to kzn for his birthday tomorrow”

It seems Moshe Ndiki has also joined the party down in Durbs, as he was seen on SomGaGa’s Twitter video, where the two were affirming their love and support for each other as friends. Somizi can be heard reminding Moshe that he is going to spoil him and ensure he has a good time, there could only be one reason why Moshe would need some cheering up…

Today, Phelo posted snaps of him with his new bae serving couple goals, in matching outfits with no captions, just to let the whole world know who his new boo is. A few days ago he posted a cryptic message that he would be making an announcement of some sort today and he lived up to his word.

After Phelo’s nasty break-up with Moshe, allegations of abuse surfaced from both sides of the relationship and Tweeps didn’t know who was fooling who. Moshe even issued a statement to clear his name in the matter.

Moshe Ndiki

“These are matters of a private nature and I have been advised because there are court proceedings I cannot reveal anything, however at this present time, I would like to state that I have no way abused Phelo and I have proof to this effect,”

Judging from Moshe’s reaction in the video with Somizi, you can clearly tell that he is feeling down but trying to hold it together, which might be why Somizi decided to give him a pep talk and vowed to make him feel better.

One thing we can bet on is that the boys are having a lot of fun in Durban to celebrate Vusi Nova’s birthday and probably also cheer up Moshe after Phelo Bala‘s announcement today. Clearly, he has moved on and found a new lover.

Break-ups are bound to happen and our favourite Mzansi celebs do move on eventually from each other and this might be the best thing for the Moshe and Phelo.


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