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Criminals demand protection fee from Khayelitsha residents

Khayelitsha residents

Pay us or risk being a victim of crime, that’s the ultimatum allegedly being issued by criminals in Cape Town’s townships. In Khayelitsha, residents say this extortion racket is targeting their businesses or rental properties.

Residents say criminals used to target foreign shop owners but now gangs are threatening individuals and businesses, forcing them to pay protection money or suffer the consequences.

Police have confirmed that communities are not reporting these incidents, making it difficult to tackle the crime but one of the residents says SAPS seems to be involved.

“We are living with many of these criminals in our communities and many of them work together with the police,” said one resident.

Ward councillor, Xolisa Ngwekazi says there’s a need for neighbourhood watch groups. There are people who are willing to do that but there’s no one willing to do that the whole day and get nothing,” Ngwekazi said.

“So, if our government can at least assist those guys, who are patrollers at least a stipend. Residents also fear retaliation from criminals should they report such cases.

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Source: eNCA