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The fight is on – Boity vs Sbahle Mpisane

Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo and Sbahle Mpisane have been announced as the next hosts for Huawei’s upcoming live stream, which see the pair competing against one another to see who loses the most calories. The challenge calls for them to come up with the most creative exercises possible, which will enable them to lose the most amount of calories.

On Monday, 29 June 2020, Boity shared a tweet which revealed that she was starting to exercise again, stating, “’I’m so grateful I have loved myself enough to get back into exercising and eating healthier. It has uplifted me in ways I did not know I needed!”.

With the challenge trending on Twitter, fans have shared their support for both stars, with many picking sides between Boity and Fitness Bunny.


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