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WhatsApp has announced new features: Animated stickers

WhatsApp has announced new features that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, including the implementation of dark mode for desktop versions of WhatsApp. This follows Android and iOS devices getting access to WhatsApp’s dark mode in March 2020. Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience,” said WhatsApp.

It’s designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments. Video calling will also be receiving improvements in the next few weeks.


WhatsApp previously increased the number of users that can join a video call to eight. Now WhatsApp is allowing users to press and hold on an individual user’s video within these group video calls to maximise this user to full screen.

In group chats of 8 or less, users will also be able to start a group video call with all members with a single tap. Other features that are being added to WhatsApp in coming weeks include:

Animated stickers – New animated sticker packs will be added to WhatsApp.
QR codes – Instead of having to type someone’s number into their contact list, users will be able to scan each others’ QR codes and automatically add the user to their contacts.
Statuses on KaiOS – Users who are operating WhatsApp on devices that use KaiOS will get access to WhatsApp’s Status feature.

Features being tested
While WhatsApp has confirmed that these features are rolling out shortly, it has been testing other features and changes through its beta program.

WABetaInfo reported earlier this month on a series of new changes that WhatsApp is testing.

This includes a ‘search by date’ feature that allows users to pick the date on which messages they are searching for were sent. A redesign of the Storage Usage section of WhatsApp is also being tested.

Other features that are reportedly being tested include adjustments to dark mode colours, new search options, and a sort feature which allows users to choose how they would like to sort their files.

WABetaInfo stressed that these features are still in testing and there is, therefore, no confirmation when they will be released – if they are released at all.

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