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DJ Black Coffee Refuses to apologise for his Albino Comment on Twitter

Black Coffee refuses to be the bigger person following yesterday’s stint on Twitter.

The unfortunate victim was a child living with albinism, whose mother decided to troll Black Coffee on his love life, whilst in an ongoing divorce with estranged wife Enhle Mbali.

DJ Black Coffee

The award-winning DJ decided to drag twitter trolls for always wanting to bring other people down, especially celebs. The mother trolled him by saying people want to laugh and proceeded to then meddle in his business.

Ready to deliver a stinging clap back, Black Coffee responded by saying, “Laugh at what exactly? looking at your account, would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being albino?

Black Coffee

Twitter was divided as Coffee trended the entire day with others dragging him for involving a 7-year-old, whilst others were saying the mother deserved it.

Black Coffee

Refusing to apologise for standing for himself, Coffee told critics that he is tired of being the bigger person after having suffered an unbelievable amount of trolling.

“So u people can make jokes about my family and my disability, do you have any idea how dreadful it has been and the trauma of my accident then I must turn the other cheek and be a bigger person while being insulted…now I must apologize for asking a simple question,” he responded.

In a bid to take the attention away from the drama, King Coffee posted a picture of himself that left Twitter dizzy.

According to the picture, Black Coffee made a big reveal, his second hand. Known for always having his hand in his pocket for all these years, Coffee posted a picture with him seated with both his hands revealed. He is an advocate for minding your own business.

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