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Black Coffee gets a billboard in Times Square

DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee is on another Super Saiyan level and even has his own billboard with Usher in New York’s famous Times Square. The pair dropped a track together this week called LaLaLa and has everyone stannin TF out! The highly-anticipated track was officially released to streaming service Apple Music on Tuesday and played all around the world.

DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee was keeping us in the loop on the hype and shared a video of the song being promoted by Apple Music on a billboard in Times Square. There he was. Larger than life and staring down at the thousands of people who passed the banner.

DJ Black Coffee

Of course Black Coffee is no stranger to having his face all over a billboard, having featured on promo banners for his residencies around the world, but this must surely take the cake. Fans decided to stan forever and flooded the TL with messages praising gootman

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Bontle Modiselle

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