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#Uyajola99 fans feel the show’s bodyguards are the real heroes

Jub Jub1

Uyajola is considered super entertaining by its fans, but it can also show very messy situations because of the real emotions involved. The men behind the scenes – the bodyguards – are hailed as the real heroes of the show.

Jub Jub
Since first blasting onto Mzansi’s screens, Uyajola has gained a huge following and is easily one of the most popular shows right now. The show takes us along as fellow South Africans confront unfaithful partners, and things can get sticky as it revolves around people and raw emotions.

Jub Jub

The way Jub Jub and his crew handle these situations is something that viewers can appreciate – no one gas gotten seriously injured yet. It is the bodyguards of the show that viewers feel are the true and unsung heroes who keep everything from falling apart, according to What’s Hot Africa.

It really is the calm and collected vibe that these men channel even in the hottest moments that has fans of Uyajola in awe. If it wasn’t for them staying cool, someone could have gotten hurt a long time ago.


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