Zozibini Tunzi is more than her R30 haircut fans tell DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo’s attempt at pointing out that natural beauty had won backfired after he commented about Miss SA’s R30 haircut “winning the Miss SA pageant against R5,000 wigs/ weaves”.

Newly crowned Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi sparked conversation across Mzansi after deciding to compete in the prestigious pageant with her natural hair. While social media is still split over the decision, DJ Cleo made his thoughts on the debate known when he shared a post celebrating Miss SA’s natural look.

DJ Cleo

Cleo added that young girls should be inspired by her accomplishment, but also warned that there would be those who completely missed the point of his message.

Unfortunately he was right, and soon his comments were filled with messages dragging him over the coals for the mention of a “R30 haircut”. Others defended Cleo’s post and tried to keep the conversation back on track.

When one fan told Cleo that the hairdo was not R30 and he should rather have said an affordable cut, Cleo explained that “the point is it’s cheap and anyone can have that hairdo”.

DJ Cleo

Zozibini is well aware of the debate her win sparked and told Sowetan that beauty was subjective. If you say to me that ‘you are ugly’ I don’t even care. I’d be more affected if someone said I wasn’t smart. Then I would have been hurt. But being pretty? I don’t really care and not interested.

Zozibini Tunzi

Her look has also inspired those around her to do the same. Marketing director of American Swiss Zimbini Peffer shared with TshisaLIVE that during a conversation with Zozibini before her win, the beauty queen asked her why she wore a weave, as she’d seen pictures of her with natural hair.

“Zozibini then gave me the advice to rock my hair short and I am proud to say that I am rocking my hair short today, with a pop of colour. I believe that she is already starting to change lives.

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Source: Timeslive