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Zodwa Wabantu is now selling vegetables

Zodwa Wabantu selling vegetables

Zodwa Wabantu is now selling vegetables or rather her latest pictures say that she is. In the new pictures, Zodwa is in Soweto and has a trolley with vegetables for sale. She captioned one of the pictures – “I Grew up with this Trolley R5”

Zodwa Wabantu Vendor
I Grew up with this Trolley R5

Zodwa Wabantu even made a video advertising her new business and funny enough everything in the trolley is being sold for R5.

I guess the moral of all these pictures was in her next caption where she said: “Never forget where you come From, There’s no Final Destination to this Life🙏❤️”

Zodwa Wabantu is not about to forget where she came from or how she grew up. Not most celebs reveal the past about themselves and clearly, Zodwa doesn’t mind her past.

Zodwa Wabantu selling vegetables
To Durban✈️Akunyiwe,Its a Wrap. @dladla_mshunqisi Asidakwe Mngan wam🍻🍻🍻💃💃

With her reality show coming soon, we will get to know more of Zodwa Wabantu and her choices. I know one question we really want to be answered, why no-panty?

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