Home Entertainment Zodwa Wabantu deeply Sorry over her homophobic statements #ZodwaUncensored

Zodwa Wabantu deeply Sorry over her homophobic statements #ZodwaUncensored

Zodwa Wabantu and Somizi

Zodwa Wabantu deeply Sorry over her homophobic statements #ZodwaUncensored! The people’s favourite person, Zodwa has come out to apologise over her homophobic comments during her past week’s reality show, Zodwa Uncensored.

The lady is deeply sorry and she has clearly clarified that she did not mean to upset or offend anyone because she believes no one should be bullied as she would not also like to be bullied.

Zodwa Wabantu

A lot of people came out to shame her over what she had done and it went as far as to some of the famous gay celebrities like Somizi’s bae, Mohale calling for the shut down of her show.

However, she has realised what she did not and deeply sorry, check out the video of Zodwa apologising:

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Source: News365, Instagram


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