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Zodwa Wabantu speaks out after calling police on her Ben 10

Zodwa Wabantu has shared insight with her followers about protecting their space. The dancer and reality TV star recently embraced her ancestral calling and is well on her journey.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Zodwa said in a clip that people needed to say “no” to certain situations and people that would leave them spiritually vulnerable.

“Some parts of your life, your soul, your energy is for you keep to yourself. Know who you are when you are alone. Because all these people come to take from you. Don’t tell me about money and material.”

She warned her followers to limit their openness and carefree approach to life and people.

“People want to live, they take energy. They take your wisdom and you will be left empty and naked without knowing yourself. Don’t be available to all these places. Protect your soul.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the star said she was not a private person and plans to keep her fans updated on her journey every step of the way.

“I’m just preparing for wherever the journey is taking me. I also don’t know where I am going spiritually and with this journey, so you don’t limit yourself. I’m Zodwa Wabantu, they should know. They will know all the way.”

She explained she is not initiating yet but all the ceremonies she has done are connected to her ancestral calling.

“We just need to open up the levels. There are levels. Bit by bit, we wait for the dream to come, then we are going to do something. If the dream tells us something else we are going to do it. You don’t just wake up and say ‘oya thwasa’ (I’m going to initiate). I’m going to initiate but it doesn’t come overnight.”

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