#RolandMuchegwaChallenge – Zimbabwean Blesser got people jiving

Roland Muchegwa has become a sensation in South Africa, impressing with his ability to attract gorgeous women. The Zimbabwean fugitive has been arrested on charges relating to an incident with his ex-wife.

Muchegwa has sparked a movement, with people posting their answer to the #RolandMuchegwaChallenge.

Ronald Muchegwa, the Zimbabwean ‘blesser’ who went viral after snaps surfaced with gorgeous woman doting on him, has sparked a challenge.

Roland Muchegwa

Mzansi has had Muchegwa trending for three days now, a movement in his own strange way.

The video which saw him rising to infamy has spurred a challenge, with citizens jumping in on the action.

Briefly.co.za reported that Muchegwa had been arrested, on the run from Zimbabwean authorities for assaulting his ex-wife.

Peeps were astonished that the ladies couldn’t seem to get enough of the chap, who was not necessarily what one would dub handsome.

The challenge saw people recreating the clip that had trended, with citizens putting their own spin on the incident.

We had a look at them and gathered some of the most popular videos from the challenge, check them out below:

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