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1 000s attend Nelson Chamisa rally as Zimbabwe elections loom

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party has finally been able to launch its election campaign.

Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa addressed the crowds in Gweru, south of the capital Harare, on Sunday.

His previous campaign rallies were banned by the police.

Chamisa says even if the authorities ban his meetings, nothing will stop his party from winning the elections.

He says once he gets into power, he will fix the economy.

“I want to fix the issue of hunger in the country, even for those in Zanu-PF,” he told supporters.

“Under my government, this country will have an excellent economy.

“For 43 years we have had no confidence in our own currency and we use other countries’ currencies. And for 43 years we’ve been living like orphans because we have bad governance.”

This is the second election in which Chamisa is facing off against incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Source: eNCA

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