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Zim businessman Andrew Manongore exposed for lying about being President Mnangagwa’s son

Local businessman Andrew Manongore has been exposed for allegedly perpetrating a deception by falsely claiming to be the son of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Manongore, who has no familial ties to the Mnangagwa clan, went as far as asserting that he was born between Emmerson Junior and the twins Collins and Shawn Mnangagwa.

The revelation of Manongore’s alleged imposture has sent shockwaves throughout the society, prompting widespread condemnation and calls for accountability.

Reports suggest that Manongore, prior to his exposure, had been leveraging his purported connection to the president’s family for personal gain and prestige.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, individuals close to the Mnangagwa family expressed bewilderment at Manongore’s audacious claims, emphasizing that there is no verifiable link between him and the president or his offspring.

“This is a blatant falsehood,” remarked one source, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Meanwhile, authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, seeking to ascertain the extent of Manongore’s deception and whether any legal ramifications will ensue.

The incident has reignited discussions about the prevalence of fraud and misrepresentation in society, particularly in relation to individuals seeking undue advantage through false associations.

As the saga unfolds, questions linger about Manongore’s motivations and the potential fallout from his actions. While the truth behind his fabrications has come to light, the repercussions of his deceit may reverberate for some time, underscoring the importance of integrity and transparency in public discourse.

President Mnangagwa’s office has yet to issue an official statement regarding the matter, but observers anticipate a swift response as the investigation progresses.