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Dozens of Zimbabweans flock to passport offices as the economy bites

As the festive season ends hundreds of Zimbabweans have besieged the Registrar General’s office in the capital Harare and other branches countrywide, in efforts to apply for new passports or renew other travel documents.

Over four million Zimbabweans are believed to be working and living outside the country, especially in countries like South Africa, Botswana, and the UK.

Zimbabwe hiked its passport application fees from US$120 to U$170 on the first of January. That means it now costs around R3,177 to apply for new passport.

Yet despite this hike, dozens of Zimbabweans have been flocking to passport offices in search of the travel documents.

Long winding queues were visible at the Registrar General’s offices in the capital Harare and some have indicated that the queues are now shorter than they were in the previous weeks.

Some say officials at the passport office have been efficient.

They’re even encouraging other travellers to get passports so they won’t face problems at the borders.

But some have found the long queues frustrating.

One political analyst says Zimbabwe’s economic instability is forcing people out the country.

Precious Shuma said, “the people who are flocking to Botswana to South Africa are not doing so because they want to. Its because they have no other option. It is now survival of the fittest and the politically connected people are the ones that are thriving and benefiting.”

Last year 2023 Zimbabwe has also witnessed mass migration of its young people to the UK to take up jobs in the healthcare sector.


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