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Zim rapper Webster Tinashe body shames Ammara Brown in his new single

Controversial rapper Webster Tinashe Manjoro, better known as Mzimba Cheyameni has mocked Ammara Brown in his single titled ‘Do you mind’ (Ozemwa).

Part of the lyrical content on the track diminishes Ammara while body shaming her saying “ndini ndadaro Ammara Brown haana magaro…but iwewe unawo unondipa mufaro”.

Mzimba compared Ammara to Ozemwa, the persona being sang about on the song.



“I cannot say I mocked Ammara Brown but I just expressed my thoughts towards my Ozemwa.

“I am not an attention seeker, everyone knows Mzimba the Chairman and what I do from writing songs to vending.

“I have all the attention and I say my mind though I do not mind what I say,” he told H-metro

Mzimba further said that apart from mentioning her in his song he appreciated Ammara’s talent.

“I am one of Ammara’s fans and I enjoy listening to her song Akiliz ndiyo yangu mazuva ano, but haana magaro as compared to my Ozemwa.

“I do not have any problem with the songstress or with her art, I actually feel that our government should support our talents and we can turn them into a business industry.

“If we get enough support, we would outshine and compete with other African artistes and lift our Zimbabwean flag up high,” he said.

Mzimba is yet to release his third album early next month.

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