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Zim rapper Stunner: I dream in black and white but I make love in colour

Stunner: I dream in black and white but I make love in colour. The singer is currently making headlines as there rumours that his house is in shambles as it is believed she and wife might be heading for a divorce. The rapper hasn’t issued or responded to the rumours yet but a survey was done by social media detectives already shows that the two have already unfollowed each other on social media.

Dyonne and Stunner have even deleted pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts. This might be a stunt to promote something or might be real we still don’t know. Remember Mudiwa Hood and wife pulled the same card a few weeks ago only to find out that Mudiwa’s wife was doing it just to publish her modelling agency.

But for now as we wait for the singer to publicly address the issue we are going to share with you some of the stunning pictures of the rapper as he says he dreams in black and white but make love in colour.



Simba varikuwanza paku taura but i discord pavano shaura. #ZvakudaJah 
Kuna Stunner Ndokwatinoenda…. #SugarDaddy #dzimudzangara 

Funny thing is they are busy hating but I wake up for you, suffer thru the hustle for you, have sleepless nights and endless fights coz i showed love to a fan. I do this to entertain you, it’s not for me.

Sometimes all an artist needs is a thank you or a like. forthefan #iloveyou #SugarDaddy #NdineSugar Kuna Stunner Ndokwatinoenda….#CigarMusic #vVvtt.Ever had someone say to you, “I don’t know you or what you do but you just look like you are someone, what do you do ?”

Source – MbareTimes

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She is constantly attacked because of how she expresses herself especially with the king of pictures she sometimes posts on her social media platforms. Misred is a thick person, which makes her a target for many men who socially bully thick…continue reading.

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