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Zim Rapper Kikky Badass Onlyfans Account is quite interesting

Kikky Badass Onlyfans Account shocks many. The year 2024 has started with a lot of scandals and many people are finding out that Zimbabwe is much more interesting than DStv.

From Tytie and his girlfriend getting tattooed to Sir Wicknell and Olinda fighting over cars and p*ssy who would have thought things could get more interesting. But then this is Zimbabwe there is always a twist and a scandal waiting to blow up!

Ever wondered how Kikky Badass makes her money? Well it’s not just music that gives her money, the curvy Zimbabwean rapper has an interesting onlyfans account and this has left many on social media surprised.

Kikky Badass

A video doing the rounds on social media show Kikky Badass shaking what her momma gave her and this has shocked a lot of people. We wonder if there is a s£xtape somewhere out there of the bootylicious rapper.

You can watch the video below from our partner sites and make sure if it’s really Kikky Badass n that video shaking it for all to see… as long as you have a subscription to pay her onlyfans account. I will be nice enough to go deeper and tell you how much she charges for subscribing to her channels…

Kikky Badass charges

Keeks as she is know on onlyfans, charges only $50 per month to subscribe to her channels and even gives discounts if you are subscribing for 3 months and above.

Be sure to check out Kikky Badass on onlyfans and you will surely be entertained!


source – Mbaretimes