Home Entertainment A look at Zenande Mfenyana’s Baby shower outfit- Video

A look at Zenande Mfenyana’s Baby shower outfit- Video

Zenande Mfenyana

Actress Zenande Mfenyana has been keeping a low profile and enjoying the last few months of her pregnancy out of the spotlight away from social media’s trolls.

An Instagram post by Diellla Reaux a fashion label by Zimbabwean designer Rumbidzai Ngwarai seems to have revealed that the actress had her baby shower take place not so long ago. Diella Reaux shared that Zenande had trusted them to create her baby shower outfit. The fashion label shared video clips of the white and gold beaded dress that Zenande wore at her baby shower.

Zenande Mfenyana

“It was an absolute honour, and we adore you 😍😍. You are such a lovely person and we were honoured to bring your vision to life,” read the caption on the post.

Getting the outfit to the actress was a bit of a mission, especially considering they had to deliver the outfit when borders are closed but the fashion label was able to make it happen.

Zenande after months of hiding her pregnancy from her fans on Mother’s Day revealed the good news that she was expecting with a series of pictures posted on her social media accounts. The actress when it comes to her personal life like to keep things private and only being revealing what she wants to.

The actress later casually revealed on Twitter that she was expecting a baby girl when she shared a tweet about wanting to cut her hair but opted not because her daughter picked her this way.

Zenande has been enjoying most of her pregnancy even though she has had to fight off a few social media trolls, but they clearly were no match for her as she was able to clapback at the haters and sent them packing.

The former The Queen actress received a DM from a woman who was “reaching out” and shared how during her pregnancy she received a few negative comments from her family and gave the actress unsolicited advice on how to deal with people mocking her pregnancy look.

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