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The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana threatens to spill Some tea

The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana is threatening to spill some hot tea and she says we are not ready for it. The soon-to-be mommy claims that she has been silent for too long and it is about time she let’s the cat out of the bag.

Zenande Mfenyana

She has not spilled any more details on what her next rant is going to be about but it seems as though social media has already put two and two together and The Fergusons are on everyone’s lips.

Zenande Mfenyana

It is however rather confusing and not certain who or what she is waiting to expose, because she defended her disgraced bosses just last week. She issued out a stern warning for people who are waiting for her to ‘expose’ The Fergusons when she told them ‘Hands Off The Fergusons.’

Zenande Mfenyana

Which makes the ‘big reveal’ even more enthralling, as she soon deleted the tweet, raising even more eyebrows. Her recent tweets have caused a huge storm on Twitter and many are waiting in anticipation as she left her story hanging.

An irked Zenande tweeted “God causes his face to shine upon all of us, those who think the sun shines in their asses only, le tlo nyela.”

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