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“Yizo Yizo” Is Now Available On Netflix

At the height of its television dominance, SABC 1 was lauded for creating some of the best 20:30 or 21:00 series. This was as the channel was home to iconic shows like Home Affairs, Society, Intersexions, and a number of other series that have stood the test of time.

Yizo Yizo

However, the problem with the channel is that it did not have a platform like Netflix to host their shows after they have enjoyed its television run. But Netflix investing in more African and South African content. It seems that the platform is also digging into SABC’s archives and releasing hit series that the public could not watch on television anymore.

Yizo Yizo now on Netflix

Yizo Yizo

Netflix South Africa took to social media recently to confirm that the hit 1999 SABC 1 premiered controversial edu-series Yizo Yizo was officially available on the leading paid subscription video-on-demand platform. However, currently, it is only the first season of the hit series which focuses on the lives of teenagers coming to age.

This is as the second season is set to arrive on the platform on Friday, 28 April 2023. This announcement was made when Netflix first confirmed that the series was coming to the platform. Initially, it was thought of as an April Fool’s joke considering that the announcement was made on Saturday, 1 April 2023.

As reported at the time:

During the heydays of SABC 1 as one of the most dominant channels on television, the public broadcaster arguably dominated the 19:30 to 22:00 time slot. From the Nguni news to Generations airing thereafter. Then there would be the 22:30 show which would also be popular due to the timeslot it was placed.

SABC 1 at the time did not have the prominence it did because of clout, but because it brought original and compelling shows during that time slot. One in particular that had a similar appeal was the 1999 premiere teen drama series Yizo Yizo.

The premise of the show was a fictional retelling of the lives and times of teenagers who attended the Sowetan high school Supetsela High and the struggles they faced. As such, the series was touted as an educational series tackling issues like drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, student-teacher relationships, and gangsterism.

Seasons one and two of the series were back-to-back, with the third season coming sometime after the second season in 2004. Despite the popularity of the series, it was canceled after the third season. Allegedly, due to it losing its educational purpose. However, it can be argued that the introduction of homosexuality as a storyline and the backlash at the time could have also contributed to its cancellation.


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