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The “Real Housewives Of Durban” Begin Shooting Their Reunion

It is customary to keep the date when the episode is shot under wraps. However, it seems that the housewives seeing each other again and bonding over the events of the recent season left them without the ability to keep it out of social media.

The Real Housewives Of Durban Shoots Its Reunion

This is as the respective camps took to social media to share their preparations ahead of shooting the reunion episode. As such, alleged outgoing housewife Jojo Robison took to her Instagram stories to share her sharing glam room with new bestie Nonku Williams, with her husband Calvin a.k.a Bu-Bear there with them.

On the other hand, Slee Ndlovu took to her own Instagram stories to share who she was bonding with ahead of the reunion. This is as she shared a pictures with Maria and Mbali via her social media.

Moreover, Slee and Mbali were sharing a glam room, which makes sense considering that their friendship was formed through the drama between themselves and their former friend Nonku Williams.


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In light of the reunion, it will be interesting to see if the housewives that had promised to bring it will do so. This includes Sorisha Naidoo. As reported:

Evidently, the cracks in the friendships of Real Housewives of Durban ladies are beyond repairable. However, the latest episode where Sorisha Naidoo threatened to bring forward damning information against co-star Nonku Williams is exactly what has scores of viewers in chokehold.

After a heated moment at dinner in Pezula Resort and Spa in Knysna, Nonku Williams made damning accusations against co-star Slee Ndlovu of borrowing clothes and owing people money. While scores of viewers found William’s actions downright uncalled for and embarrassing, Sorisha Naidoo salvaged the moment with claims that she is bringing all William’s financial skeletons to the reunion.

Annie Mthembu also made it clear that she was going to let Jojo have it during the reunion. As reported at the time:

…[Sane] then dragged Annie by alleging that “she slept her way to the top,” due to starting out as her now husband’s PA before becoming a businesswoman with a successful salon.

While Nonku defended Annie during the interaction, Jojo kept quiet and went on to spread the rumor during her event when she told Sorisha about the hot tea. Suffice it to say that when Annie watched the episode, similar to the viewers she was livid.

Moreover, now we will know for sure whether Jojo is serious about leaving the show. As it was reported:

After numerous prior announcements that Real Housewives of Durban star Jojo Robinson have made about leaving the show. Judging from the recent social media posts, it appears Robinson is completely done with the show.

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On two occasions Jojo Robinson has hinted to be leaving the Real Housewives of Durban. However, although the show is already pre-taped, this could also mean the time frames are not exactly matching up nor expecting her to exit during the time when she makes the announcements.


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