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Pinky Girl Speaks Up About Her YouTube Channel

Reality TV star and DJ Pinky Girl set the record straight amidst the launch of her YouTube channel. Pinky Girl who is loved by many and was introduced on Being Bonang reinvents herself as more than just Bonang Matheba’s cousin but a talented and creative individual.

Pinky Girl

Amidst her YouTube launch, Pinky Girl also popularly known as Mogirl is finally branching on her own and spreading her wings to even greater heights in her career. In a lengthy post, she reintroduces herself as a creative individual with a plethora of skills under her belt.

Hey, my loves. It’s time you get your facts right and gets to know me better. I’m so excited about this journey in my life FINALLY I’ve decided to have my own YouTube channel called “The PinkStar “ as per your request too. I’ve been meaning to start the channel but my mind has been all over the place, not knowing how to start. Fortunately, I have found a wonderful team that encouraged me to start, because they believe I have so much to give” wrote Pinky Girl.


Although Pinky Girl was introduced to the masses and spotlighted by media personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba. It has become very apparent that the two do not see eye to eye anymore. In January it appeared that Matheba and Pinky Girl were somehow feuding and three months later, the pair have not been seen or photographed together as they used to.

I’m an IT Specialist, A reality TV Star, A Dj, A model, and your favorite Cousin of the world “The PinkStar “ I’ve been in the entertainment industry since 2016 not knowing what I was doing I was just told I’m going to be on TV and here am I, I’m learning a lot, so far I’ve learned that there’s so much hatred, jealousy, discouragement, you just have to be strong and that everyone is on their own until you get the right team that believes you can do it, and that we are all destined for something, we just need to risk it and try. I believe so about me. It’s not about competition but doing something I love too. DOING ME.” added Pinky Girl

Pinky Girl

Nowhere in her lengthy post did Pinky Girl speak about Bonang Matheba or credit any of her successes to her, which begs the question of whether the pair is really okay. However, recent eventualities have proven that Matheba and Pinky Girl do not get along anymore. Pinky Girl promises nothing but great and fun content on her YouTube channel.

“There’ll be more and more STORY TIMES whereby I’ll touch on things that are happening around me and GOSSIPS, also fake….Please Subscribe to my channel the link is available on my bio. Do enjoy my show ❤️” ended Pinky Girl


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Zodwa Wabantu

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