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Blue Mbombo who shot n@ked photos with Simz Ngema’s boyfriend Tino reveals the truth about them

Blue Mbombo has come out to express her frustration over speculations that she and model Tino Chinyani ever dated. This assumption comes after the very steamy pictures the two models posted on each other’s social media which saw many people wishing that they were an item.

After announcing that he and actress Simphiwe Ngema were expecting a baby, people flooded his timeline with negative things to say. For starters people pulled out a tweet of him and fellow model Blue Mbombo where they shared some sultry n#de photos. Understandably they are both signed by the same modelling agency, however, it was Tino’s caption that made many insinuate that they were a couple.

Blue Mbombo and Tino Chinyani

“You were made for me,” captioned Tino as he shared the sexxy snaps.

He also suffered a great deal of bullying from xenophobes but he was basking in the excitement of becoming a father.

Blue Mbombo and Tino Chinyani

Many people wanted to know if he and Blue did actually date but the two of them chose to not address those rumours so they continued on till Blue decided to put them to rest.

When a social media user posted a meme that makes Blue feel like a jealous ex, Blue said these assumptions are wild as the photoshoot was innocent.

Blue Mbombo and Tino Chinyani

“Y’all stop this bulls**t honestly, it’s annoying. Tino and I had a photoshoot together! A photoshoot!” she commented.

Tino is always catching heat for one or the other post on social media, especially on Twitter. This time, it was over his participation during the “how-it-started versus how-it-is-going viral” challenge.

Tino posted very descriptive and jaw-dropping screenshots of a conversation he first had with the mother of his child, Simz Ngema. Tino opened room for tweeps to draw their own conclusions and they were very much not impressed. Many women took offense and they called him out on it.

Blue Mbombo and Tino Chinyani

It seems as though most people could not get over the, “Trust it would be sensational. I would make you shake,”

The model who has build a successful in Television is not one to constantly display his private life in the spotlight. Tino says the entertainment industry can toxic, so you must always be vigilant.

“The industry is very toxic, I feel like, the problem with our people of influence and public figures is that they are not trying to inspire and motivate fans a lot. Some do try but a lot of heavyweights they are very selfish for them its a ego contest they fight on Twitter over small things they are not trying to uplift people but to pull each other down,” he told ZAlebs.


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