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VIDEO: Marry Mubaiwa first public appearance following amputation

Mary Mubaiwa, the ex-wife of Zimbabwe Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has made her first public appearance since her amputation. Mary had her right arm amputated in a private hospital in September.

A visibly weak Mary made her first public appearance when she went to the Harare Magistrates’ Court on Monday. She was accompanied by one male person, who is yet to be identified.

The former second lady is facing attempted murder charges. This comes after Vice President Constantino Chiwenga claimed that Mary attempted to murder him while he was incapacitated in a South African hospital.

The 39-year-old is also accused of money laundering and foreign currency externalisation. She has already been found guilty of contravening the Marriages Act after secretly planning to upgrade her marriage without Chiwenga’s knowledge or consent at a time when he was hospitalized.

The ailing Marry Mubaiwa has been critically ill for several months after she was diagnosed with acute lymphoedema. She made several court applications seeking permission to be allowed to seek specialist medical care outside the country. However, all the applications were turned down by the courts.

Mary had been fighting for permission to seek specialist medical care outside of the country since the recommendation to amputate her arm was made.

Despite numerous court applications, the permission was always denied.