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Vatiswa Ndara is here for Rami Chuene – Gives her a crying shoulder after she was allegedly fired for #IStandWithVatiswa


Actress Vatiswa Ndara has come out to show support for Rami Chuene after she was allegedly axed for publicly supporting Vatiswa last year. The news that Rami’s stint as TGOM has come to an end shocked the country over the weekend. Sunday World reported that Rami was apparently booted off for allegedly showing Vatiswa support after she penned an open letter about exploitation in the industry.

Rami Chuene

The internet has been buzzing since they found out, and Vatiswa also showed up on Rami’s TL. She commented on the tweet in which Rami confirmed her exit, and reassured her fans that she was well and grateful for their undying support.

Vatiswa Ndara

“Rams (Rami) are we being given a sneak preview of the movie Remains Of Your Acting Career?” Vatiswa replied to Rami’s tweet. To which Rami jokingly replied, “I hate you! Now here I am, laying next to the remains of your career.”

While Rami hasn’t said much except to confirm that fans will bid farewell to TGOM, fans have been flooding her TL with well wishes for her next endeavour.


Just as Rami tweeted, the whole country is glued to the TL to see how this “drama” unfolds.

In other news – Vatiswa Ndara still boiling about what The Fergusons did to her, sends another fresh message to the Minister

Three months after making headlines for her explosive open letter to sport, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara has sent a fresh message to the minister, once again highlighting the plight of actors in the country.

Vatiswa Ndara

In the six-page letter written in October last year, Vatiswa opened up about alleged bullying and exploitation” in the industry.  Read more

Source: Timeslive