Uzalo actress Nompilo Maphumulo’s new sangoma storyline is challenging

The process of receiving the calling and becoming a sangoma is a sacred one that is not taken lightly by anyone who believes in this ritual process.

One person who knows this all too well is actress, Nompilo Maphumulo, who plays the role of Nosipho on Uzalo. If you haven’t been watching the show, Nosipho has received the calling to be a sangoma after experiencing some rather scary and unexplainable dreams that have been keeping her awake at night.

At some point, Nosipho was even sleepwalking and finding herself in places she could not explain.
Speaking to Sunday Sun, the actress explained how she had to dig deep and do a lot of research for this particular storyline. She also added that it was extremely challenging for her to tap into this role. However, considering that she understands what tends to be required from an actor, she was willing to go that extra mile to ensure she did justice to not only her character but also to the storyline.

Nompilo Maphumulo

“The storyline is challenging. But I believe an actor should be ready for any role given to them. I visited sangomas, traditional healers and elders and surfed the internet as part of my research. I had to consider that I’d be watched by more than 10 million viewers. So, I also had to make sure viewers don’t regret supporting Uzalo,” she told the publication.

Are you an avid Uzalo viewer? What are your thoughts on Nompilo’s new storyline?

Source: Zalebs