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LEAKED CHATS: Uncle Waffles’ manager exposed for taking advantage of the DJ – ‘She doesn’t phapha’

The newest celebrity DJ on the block is trending again – this time alongside her manager Mzukisi Siwundla, popularly known as Zeus Omega. The manager recently shared a photo of a group from his media company Kreative Kornerr, including many men in different capacities of the company, and Uncle Waffles.

Many Twitter users are not taking kindly to the picture, and they are reading into the gesture. Some have seen the gesture as an attempt on the part of the manager and his team to capitalise on the young viral sensation’s new-found fame. It doesn’t sit well with her fans that nobody knew about her or her management until the first video of her dancing to “Adiwele” by Young Stunna.10

The picture also featured seven men, and Uncle Waffles was the only lady. This, coupled with the fact that she is only 21 years old, and most of the men in the picture look older than her, has made social media users uncomfortable. Female fans of the star are pointing out that it is difficult for a young woman trying to make it in a male-dominated industry, and the fact that she was surrounded by older men seems a little predatory. Others have also pointed out that the field should have more women, and the fact that Kreative Kornerr has a ratio of men to women that high is wrong.

As some fans express their discomfort with her management, others are insisting that the fact that she is going on tour means that her representation is working well for her.


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