Home Entertainment Twitter happy as Petronella black mails Gracious #TheQueenMzansi: Memes

Twitter happy as Petronella black mails Gracious #TheQueenMzansi: Memes

Viewers knew as soon as she walked in on Bakang and Goodness kissing that someone had to pay her to keep quiet.

To be honest, we all wish we were as brave as The Queen’s Petronella where making money is concerned. When talking about entrepreneurship that woman is clear leadership, she will get her cash even if she has to blackmail the life out of you!

The Queen Mzansi

Just watch how Petronella pretended like she wasn’t interested in the money but had that side smile the whole time.


Look at the end of the day, it’s all about securing the bag for good ol’ Petronella and Twitter loves her even more for that. She never misses an opportunity to increase her salary or to score a bonus, just nje.

Twitter was completely done with her when Petronella told TGOM that she needed a regular increase because she wanted to keep up with her weave game.

Petronella’s exact words were: “I’m tired of this old, funky, stiff wig that won’t move with the wind like your expensive one.”

Dimamzo has a point though, her weave needs an upgrade. Plus, we think she’s going to milk this blackmail situation for every cent and we are here for it. And, so is Twitter!

Source: Times Live