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Twitter ready to cancel Skeem Saam ‘snitch’ Sis Ouma: Memes

Sis Ouma (played by Nokuzola Mlenganan) is in the same WhatsApp group as some of your favourite TV villains and didn’t do much to win over fans when it became clear that T Bose and Kwaito were going to be arrested.

Sis Ouma

The Twitter mob lit their torches and demanded answers from Skeem Saam’s Sis Ouma on Wednesday after she sold out the show’s T Bose and Kwaito.

The security guard was blamed for snitching on the pair and Twitter made their feelings towards her known through hilarious memes and jokes.

Fans accused her of having a vendetta against the pair and selling them out. Here is what twitter said and planning to do:


They were over her drama and claimed she was into witchcraft.

Like a pair of old crocs, fans thought it was time for Sis Ouma to retire and leave in peace.

Source: Times Live