Twenty-four injured in South Coast taxi crash

KwaZulu-Natal: At 07H20 Monday morning, Netcare 911 responded to a collision on the P200 in Marburg on the KZN South Coast.

 South Coast taxi crash

Reports indicate that two mini-bus taxis were involved in a collision.

 South Coast taxi crash

Medics assessed the scene and found that twenty-four occupants had sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

 South Coast taxi crash

All the patients were treated on scene and once stabilised were transported by various ambulance services to hospital for further care.

In other news – Popular Afrikaans singer Theuns Jordaan has died

Popular Afrikaans singer Theuns Jordaan has died. His passing was confirmed by family spokesperson Ilza Roggeband, who said the star had lost his battle with leukaemia.

Theuns Jordaan

The star, known for his hits including Roeper Van My Hart, Soos Bloed, Beautiful In Beaufort Wes, Kouevuur and Skipskop, was diagnosed with leukaemia last year. Learn more

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