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Tips on how to travel in style

travel in style

Make your life easier while travelling by rolling your clothes while packing and carrying a tote handbag for utility, suggest experts.
Packing style:
It is advisable to roll your clothes. When it comes to packing toiletries, always carry smaller bottles or sachets

Choose a proper handbag:
You will come across multiple luggage shapes and sizes. Always remember to keep one small bag handy for your emergency essentials. To keep it light, it is advisable to carry a duffle bag or small cabin trolley with maximum compartments for all your emergency essentials.

Keep it stylish:
Bright colour luggage bags give a youthful and free-spirited look. When everything else is on point, your luggage bag needs to be on point for a perfect airport look. Go for colours for your next luggage. You can also experiment with textures in leather bags in bright colours like snake or croc texture.

Tote bag:
For women, a tote bag is a greatchoice for travelling. The bag has a single spacious with double handle that makes it easy for any travel occasion. This summer opt for sleek styles pastel colours for tote bags.

Sling bags:
Sling bags are perfect for a party or a dinner with a fashionable dress or a gown. You can complete your evening look by styling your favourite sling bag with pumps styled in vibrant prints, embossed textures and embellished mesh details.

Crossbody bag:
This crossbody sling backpack is made of ultra-durable canvas with reinforced stitching to hold up to all the wear and tear that comes from travelling. While it is made to be worn across your body, it also features a smaller handle and can be carried at your side if needed.

Source: IOL