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This week on Imbewu: The Seed – Nirupa tries to reconnect with Pranav

Imbewu: The Seed

Pranav starts seeing Melissa and tells Nirupa he doesn’t love her anymore. Nganono enlists MaNdlovu’s help and spikes Zethu’s drink with abortion pills. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30 PM.


Bongi advises Zethu to raise the baby as a single mother but Nganono tells her to have an abortion instead. Pranav decides not to spend the evening with his family he spends it with Melissa. He later opens up to Ngcolosi about his newly found happiness. Phakade discusses Phunyuka’s ultimatum with his family.  Khanyo tells them she has made her decision but Phakade suggests that they start another church.

Imbewu: The Seed



Nirupa tries to reconnect with Pranav but he rebuffs her. She confesses to MaZulu that she fears he’s having an affair. Her fears are realised when Thu Sheleni says he’s seen Pranav with another woman. Nirupa decides to follow him and find out for sure. Zethu rejects Nganono’s demand that she has an abortion. She admits to Bongi that Nganono is the father. Bongi confronts Nganono, telling him to man-up. Zethu is unable to tell Phunyuka the truth. Nganono confesses to MaZulu he’s made a girl pregnant. Finally, MaZulu suggests there may have been a romantic component to her relationship with Phakade.


Nirupa follows Pranav to Emsamo and she’s shattered to see him welcoming another woman with a loving smile and open arms. She confronts him and Pranav confesses. Believing that her husband is just going through a phase Nirupa tells Shria not to worry herself but Shria advises her not to sit and do nothing. Nganono tries getting support from his parents when he tells Ngcolosi that he wants his baby mama to have an abortion. But a disgusted Ngcolosi tells him to take responsibility for his actions. Nganono turns to the only problem fixer in the family, MaNdlovu.


MaNdlovu tries to help Nganono convince MaZulu that he doesn’t have to look after the woman and baby, that she is, in fact lying about the whole thing. When that doesn’t work, MaZulu suggests abortion pills, and Nganono slips them into Zethu’s drink. Pranav doesn’t sleep in the same bed as Nirupa. She asks him why and he says he doesn’t love her anymore, that he wants to try things out with Melissa. Nirupa is distraught, but then the next day Nirupa finds a gift from Pranav that she thinks is for her, putting her in a better mood.


Nganono spikes Zethu’s drink with abortion pills, thinking he’s solved his problem. But to his distress, it has dire consequences. MaZulu begins feeling self-conscious about her vitiligo, which is only made worse when she finds herself plagued by a haunting omen from her ancestors. And Pranav’s relationship with Melissa grows stronger after he gives her the dazzling bracelet Nirupa thought was for her.

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