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This is how you can stay fit while pregnant

Fitness instructor and choreographer, Nkateko Maswanganye-Dinwiddy, known as “Takkies” is expecting her second child and her social media feed is buzzing with pregnancy fitness videos. Over the years, social media has made fitness during pregnancy fashionable, with many women using this platform to share fitness tips with their followers – inspiring many fitness fanatics and those who still aspire to live a healthier lifestyle including Takkies.


When asked how she is finding motherhood, Takkies says, “I’m enjoying it so much, it’s such a blessing and it’s beautiful. I’ve always wanted to be a mother. In her last pregnancy, Takkies says she continued with her normal exercise routine, which included dancing, squats, boxing and I jogged a little.

“As the baby became heavier, I changed my routine to suit my baby bump and I stopped burpees and lifting weights. But I still could exercise throughout my pregnancy and vorsho (dance move) till I gave birth,” she said.

If you are feeling confused as to what exercises you can do while pregnant, watch her latest videos below. (Please make sure you get clearance from your doctor.

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