They want me to act like the old AKA

Dropping scriptures from the revised book of AKA this week, the Mega made it clear that he is a changed man, even though the Twitter streets are sometimes in doubt.

Black Twitter and the haters, here’s a warning: do your thing but don’t be tripping up the Supa Mega because he’s not here for beef, chicken or anything else you serving.


Verse 1: the stakes are high, don’t slip

“Just realised tonight that the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. One dumb move and I could f*ck it up for myself, my family and everybody around me.”


Verse 2: Don’t be stupid, proud or quick to anger

“Stars are aligning. Don’t be stupid Kiernan. Don’t be proud. Don’t be impulsive. Can you kill them with kindness or nah?”


Verse 3: They trying to break me down

“A lot of people (plural) are trying to suck me in. Trying to get me to act like the person I used to be instead of who I am right now because it serves their agenda.”


┬áVerse 4: The tables have turned”I’m up now. They’re down. The tables have turned. All they need me to do is slip. Not gonna happen.”


The star said he was planning to drop a book one day to spill the tea on his life, its ups-and-downs, but right now would rather speak through his music.

Still, his fans are here for it and told the Mega that they will be waiting in line to read whatever man can put on a page.

Source: Instagram/Times Live

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