Schumacher and Siyanda served the cutest friendship goals: #TheQueenMzansi

Actress Cindy Mahlangu‘s role on The Queen as Siyanda came to an end on Friday evening with her tragic death at the hands of her rival Goodness.

Schumacher and Siyanda

Before Siyanda died viewers got to witness her try everything she could to get Kagiso back and she used every trick in the book to position herself as Kagiso’s main girl after he had fallen back in love with his ex Goodness.

Schumacher and Siyanda

Siyanda’s relationship with Kagiso was saved by her falling pregnant with the Khoza heir, unfortunately, she lost the baby, but didn’t let her baby daddy know and instead, a hatched a plan to keep her fiancee. Throughout her whole love life drama, her friend Schumacher stuck by her side throughout her highs and lows and helping her with her plans to get her man and fall pregnant again.

Schumacher has been a true friend to Siyanda, giving her advice on what steps to take in order to get her man back, giving her the tea on her man’s actions and even hooking her up with a nurse to help get her pregnant. Schumacher was even around to provide the captions Siyanda’s posts announcing her engagement.

To make sure his friend got the happy ending sho he envisioned he even got her a little potion to help her get the action going in the bedroom again and on the day of the wedding when everything was falling apart Schumacher was right by Siyanda’s side trying to cheer her up and get the wedding back on track.

It’s just a shame that Schumacher left the room and couldn’t protect her from Goodness’s anger.


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