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City Power calls on residents to save electricity

City Power has called on Johannesburg residents to use electricity sparingly during the cold weather conditions. The electricity distributor said even though a winter strategy was implemented in May, resources are stretched which puts further strain on the electricity grid. Several transformers have blown up in parts of Johannesburg.

City Power’s spokesperson Isaac Mangena said technicians are on the ground. Mangena said, “The City Power has already launched its winter strategy since early May.


“We had anticipated that we would have these kinds of problems, especially because the of the problems we had over the last couple of years because of illegal connections,” he said.

“We have tried to ensure that we increase our capacity at the substations, putting in measures for winter, but also the resources, especially the technicians especially in areas that we know are prone to unplanned outages. We can’t do this alone because of customers themselves need to change their attitude to the usage of electricity and ensure we save electricity as we deal with the low temperatures.

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Source: eNCA

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