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The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana explains how much she spent on Baby Formula

Actress Zenande Mfenyana left fans talking after tweeting that she spent millions on her baby formula. The actress might have been just joking about spending that amount, but her point was clear that kids are expensive!

The former Generations star welcomed her baby girl back in 2020. Taking to Twitter today, Zenande advised her fans to make sure that they are financially ready when they decide to have kids. She tweeted, “Just spent 20million on formula if you’re planning on having a child, make sure neh?

Zenande Mfenyana

Taking to the comments section to react to Zenande’s tweet, @LMthembi also opened up about her struggles. She responded, ” I get you mommy, she is turning 5 this year and i am still buying wipes because she still uses nappies cos of her delayed milestones including speech, so yaaa.

Zenande Mfenyana

@ncum_za: “My son is 1 year two months now and I thought the intake would have reduced by now. But that little nigga will guzzle that bottle in one go.

Zenande and other celebrities including Lerato Mvelase, Pearl Modiadie, and K Naomi have previously opened up about the difficulties of motherhood.

K Naomi who welcomed her daughter a few months ago took to her IG stories to share her experience. She said she is still learning and adjusting but she feels like motherhood has been one of the hardest but most beautiful journeys.
“I’ve cried so many tears with my daughter and alone. I think mothers need a pick me up every week and just to be reminded about their own beauty or amazing characteristics in words, actions, or gift form because we lose ourselves so much, well I do often,” she shared.

The media personality also thanked her family for supporting her. She said they help her go through some of the most difficult days. Actress and TV Presenter Lerato Mvelase encouraged moms to celebrate being mothers even though it is hard.

She wrote: “… being a mum is hard, very hard but look how far we’ve come through all the hardships. Let your kids be the reason you wake up and try again, let their existence put a smile on your face for they love you unconditionally.

She added that motherhood does not require perfection but being able to put your kids first and their needs before yours. She continued, “Giving your time, hugs and kisses, your love and support even when you need them yourself. Take time to truly embrace yourself over a glass of wine or bubbles of course and trust that you have done well with your kids

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Moonchild Sanelly

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