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The Fergusons Speak Out

Connie and Shona Ferguson

THE Ferguson have broken their silence in a statement over the alleged exploitation of actors which surfaced in a letter penned by veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara.

The production house, owned by Shona and Connie Ferguson, has been trending on social media platforms since the letter was posted online two days ago.

The statement reads, in part: “On behalf of the Ferguson Films, we wish to initially respond to the letter of Miss Ndara, directed to arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa and the various articles published on the internet and social media, since then.”

In the statement, the Fergusons state that this time around they wouldn’t deal with all the allegations, but “reserve the right to respond in the correct manner and correct forum, when necessary”.

Furthermore, they said, as actors themselves, were aware of the industry dynamics.

Shona and Connie Ferguson

Read the statement: “We support 100% the need for the industry to be regulated and for the Performance Protection Amendment Bill to be signed sooner rather than later. We attempted to negotiate with the actress and her agent and they made it clear that Miss Ndara wouldn’t accept anything less that R700 000 for the five-week shoot.

“She absolutely had the right to decline the offer, which she did and we on the other hand, had the every right to move on amicably.”

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Gugu Gumede

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Source: DailySun