Trevor Noah says the coronavirus may bring the best break up excuses

Mzansi-born comedian Trevor Noah has said that the coronavirus social distancing rule could help many break relationships they have been meaning to leave in a while – Many around the world who fear contracting Covid-19 use social distancing by avoiding all contact with other people, including their families – Tweeps who reacted to Trevor’s video joked that social distancing has worked perfectly for them in the past and a great way to avoid strangers

Trevor Noah
19 avoid all contact with other people, including their significant others. Practising what has been labelled “social distancing”. Mzansi comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in efforts to bring light on the heavy topic joked that people will soon be using the social distancing card to avoid their partners.

Trevor Noah

He added that it might even be a legit excuse to break up with someone. “It’s also the perfect excuse if you’ve been wanting to break up with someone. “You’d be like, hey baby you know I love you, but the World Health Organisation says we need some space,” he said.

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